Home Center Outlet is Open 7 Days a Week from 10am-5pm daily


Política de envío

All products purchased at Home Center Outlet must be picked up within 2 weeks of the purchase date. After the 2 week pick up deadline, the customer will be charged $5/day until the product is picked up. At the time of pick up, it is extremely important that the product be completely inspected prior to it leaving our warehouse(s). An HCO associate will gladly help you open the product for inspection. Any issues found at the time of inspection at our warehouse(s) must be brought to our attention immediately. Should the customer opt for someone else (a contractor) to pick up their product, it is understood that the customer entrusts the judgement of the person picking up the item to inspect the item for accuracy. When picking up your items, please allow adequate coverage for the items. HCO is not responsible for the method of which a product or products are picked up from our warehouse(s). Here are some tips for picking up select items: All items must be shielded from the rain. It is not recommended to pick up items in the rain. All items must be securely tied down. HCO does not assist in tying items to vehicles. Appliances must be loaded standing up only. It is not recommended that items be strapped to the top of vehicles. HCO will not be held responsible for any damage to vehicles at the time of pick up.